U.S. Circuit Upgrades Capabilities with Multiline XRT Unit

Monday, November 9, 2009 | U.S. Circuit, Inc.

U.S. Circuit, Inc. a manufacturer of bare PCBs, based in Escondido, California, has purchased a Multiline XRT Unit from Multiline Technology. The XRT line of products speaks directly to process optimization and better quality of product.

The XRT-7000™ X-ray machine from Multiline Technology uses a combination of X-ray and advanced vision technology to inspect multilayer panels after lamination, optimize based on the inner layer registration and then drill new tooling holes for mounting the panels on the drilling machine. The result of this post-lamination optimization is improved drill accuracy on all layers, faster setup and increased throughputs on the drilling machines. Additionally, the collection of data from the X-ray machine is real-time and immediate, providing for real-time process adjustments and improvements, such as scaling of artwork or drill compensation.

Mike Fariba, President of U.S. Circuit, stated, "We are diligent about re-investing capital back into U.S. Circuit, to continuously improve our processes and our quality. Multiline's XRT machine does exactly that with their cutting edge optimization ability. Increasing throughputs and decreasing scrap keeps our costs down which directly benefits our customers."

About U.S. Circuit
For over 25 years, U.S. Circuit has been a premier supplier of commercial PCBs, and for the past several years, the company has been a supplier for the military and aerospace market. The company has experienced continued growth in a challenging economy through consistently high performance, on-time delivery, superior quality and an emphasis on the highest level of customer service. U.S. Circuit is proud to be the circuit board manufacturer for more than 400 growing companies.

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