US Circuit Adds Environmental Compliance Plating Line

Sept. 2012: US Circuit has installed a new Environmental Compliance plating line. This one-of-a-kind direct impingement copper plating line is also known as a push/pull system.

US Circuit President Mike Fariba says the new plating line allows for much smoother, even plating of a variety of vias.

“The Environmental Compliance direct impingement system pushes electrolytes through each hole from one side, while the electrolytes are being pulled through from the other side,” Fariba explained. “This prevents the hole from undergoing starvation of electrolytes, and consequently we are able to plate evenly through the entire hole. In addition, with our direct impingement line there is no dog-bone plating and therefore no copper blow-outs in center of the hole.”

Other special capabilities of the direct impingement copper plating line include:

  • 20:1 aspect ratio and higher
  • Pattern plate 3 mil lines/spacing
  • 1: 1 surface-to-hole in pattern plating
  • 1:1.3 surface-to-hole in panel plating
  • Blind via plating conformed to the wall .37” deep
  • Blind vias down to 2 mils in diameter
  • Uniform quality plating
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